The Process

Initial Consultation

Our garden design process begins with a home consultation visit, allowing us to meet in person on location and discuss your ideas, wants and needs for your garden or outdoor space. At this stage we can begin sharing ideas and putting together an overall concept of what you would like to achieve with the space, what practical needs you may have and stylistically how you would like to see your garden transformed. This initial meeting allows us to form a creative working relationship moving forward, explaining in detail the next steps in the design process and creating a solid and in depth brief of your requirements with wich we can begin your journey towards a freshly reimagined outdoor space.

Site Survey

In most circumstances a detailed and comprehensive survey of the space is required before the conceptual design can progress. We will produce a structured plan of the area, making full measurements of both the garden itself and any adjoining structures, taking detailed levels of the area, outlining existing structural and geographical elements, including utility pipes and access points, whilst also assessing the current condition of soil, foliage and structures. We can provide this for you, though in exceptional circumstances, such as extremely large areas or spaces with dramatic variations in topography, an external surveyance service may be required.

Concept Design

The conceptual design phase is where we begin to collaborate to discover the overall ‘look’ of the garden, working with your ideas and inspirations along with our expertise to create the shape, mood and flow of the design, taking into account your home or business and its influence on the space, in addition to its relation to the surrounding area. Mood and image boards, colour wheels and our existing portfolio can help in finding a design that is right for you and your home and we will create a range of design sketches in order to provide options and alternatives as we progress.

Development Design

Once we have arrived at your finished concept design we begin working together to establish the more detailed aspects of the project, discussing what materials will work best for you, considering shape, texture colour and practicality. There are a wide range of options in terms of wood, stone, masonry and decoration as well as plants, trees and features available and it’s here that we can establish the perfect combination of materials and methods to bring your ideal garden space to life.

Detailed Design

Having reached a final development design together, the last stage of the process is the production of a fully comprehensive ‘masterplan’, showing in detail every aspect of the proposed garden, including measurements, levels, materials and annotations. Computer aided design images, stock photographs and hand drawn sketches can be included to help you visualise how the entire project will look upon completion.

Planting Design

A planting plan is sometimes a separate phase of a garden design process. It is usually done after the final design itself is fully determined and is often undertaken separately from an overall design brief. Beginning with a consultation in person to discuss your ideas for introducing the ideal flora to your garden, we will assess how best to match the right plantlife to the space, considering colours, textures, shapes, aesthetic combinations and sightlines in addition to seasonal interests, life expectancies, ease of maintenance and how natural light interacts with the space. We then provide a detailed and annotated plan of your garden including all necessary information in a clear and well organised manner, allowing you or your gardening service to effectively introduce new plants, trees and shrubs into your garden space.

Construction Setting-out and Specification

Upon completion of a final garden design (whether a planting plan is included or not) and if required to aid the construction process, We produce a comprehensive contruction drawing including a plan of work and if necessary, a plant list in order to best assist you or your chosen landscaping company to carry out the implementation of your garden design effectively and in accordance with the design brief, ensuring that the ‘making of’ matches your original inspiration.