Stefano Ciabó

Garden Designer

Fifth Season Gardens is led by qualified Garden Designer Stefano Ciabó who graduated from the Pickard School of Garden Design in Bristol(UK). Originating from the Mid-East Italian Region of “Le Marche”, stretching for around 100 miles along the Adriatic coast and surrounded by undulating hills sparsely peppered with old-market towns and one-street villages, Stefano’s designs reflect strongly on his roots,informing his approach and inspiration along with his close and genuine working relationships, combining the art and creativity of his homeland with the honesty and generosity of those he grew up with.
Before turning to a career in design, Stefano worked in a plant nursery specialising in growing and trading Mediterranean decorative trees and shrubs, where he developed a green finger and a passion for plants, nature and landscapes.
Stefano’s philosophy is that gardens have to work for us as we tend to them, practically enhancing our lives whilst also pleasing our eyes and enriching our hearts.
He believes good design is made by combining utility and beauty, simplicity and practicality, working in harmony with its surrounding, whether it is a modern style or a traditional setting.
Fifth Season Gardens relies on a network of other designers and specialists if a situation requires, in order to cope with all the aspect of Garden Design and Landscape construction.